A Little Bit Closer (Single 2021)

San Chills

Folk, Singer-Songwriter

How much impression can you make with just a minimalistic guitar and your voice? The answer is right there because thanks to the Internet, artists can reach their audience all over the world and surprise with what otherwise wouldn’t have been possible to reach these ears.

So it happens, that all of the sudden you can fall in love with underground Hip Hop from Modyst and Relit or hang around to Cousines like Shit and La Luz. The same applies to Folk Singer-Songwriter San Chills. Two EPs named “Jonas” and “Well Well” you can listen to plus a bunch of other songs.

His trademarks are the pure guitar sound and the strong voice, which is full of nuances. And once more it seems impossible to not mention Wino and Conny Ochs at this point. San Chills is danceable as well as gently swinging in other tunes, with a wink of Adam Green too.

His latest shot, the single “A Little Bit Closer” underlines the Country boy and Blues note. So simple and minimalistic, yet it is all it takes. It takes you south like the phenomenal soundtrack of “Django Unchained”, or somewhere down a dusty road where the Whisky is smoky.

The voice got this fine vibrato that reminds of The Devil’s Trade, Paul Plut, World’s Worst Poet (Egalodon) or with the general style of Prinz Grizzley. As the drink is getting closer to its end, you feel the longing for someone getting “A Little Bit Closer”. But you go on walking down the street, and still feel satisfied listening.

Thinking of the archetypical picture of this kind of small town, the old folks sitting and watching and then this music, it seems to be the place to be right now and to get the peace of mind, far away from any loud noise and stressful days.