Reckless (Single 2019)

Finn Parker

Dark modern Rock’n’Roll with a bluesy and grungy touch


The most western part of Austria brought forth great acts of all genres like Vibratör, gab&gal and linksabbiegA. And from the very same valley where Fabian Squinobal (The Sunshine Partyband Collectiv, The Grand Voice, Legs No Shoes) comes from, David Stecher started his way.

Now he operates from Tyrol’s capital Innsbruck, where he engages himself at the Rififi and Sixty Twenty, booking acts like Thirsty Eyes, New Candys, BZOMB or The Kundalini Genie. With Henry Galehr and Julia Hummer, he plays in Juleah, and together with Felix Burtscher, they appear as Finn Parker. Live they could be seen at the poolbar festival, the Chybulski, the Junge Talstation with Squared Timber and soon they will be at the Conrad Sohm with Turbobier. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Black Keys they list as influences.

In their new single “Reckless And Useless”, you can hear lots of more other idols. It starts with the squeeking guitars, similar to “Bridge Burning” by the Foo Fighters. A brisk riff follows, that could be by Foo’s friendly Queens Of The Stone Age and gives a wonderful feeling of driving, either through the desert of California or up a mountain in the west of Austria. The beat is crisp, as the rough voice of David comes in.

The video itself supports the energy of the sound with fast cuts and varying effects. Basically it is held in black and white and sometimes the colors are inverted. Like in “Seven Nation Army”, images are repeated or arranged next to each other. The small details are the most beautiful, like little parts that are in slowmotion and close shots of e.g. the fingerboard. Producers of the video are Randall Films.

The song gets to its peak in the chorus, that especially because of the guitar sound reminds of the early Foo Fighters or “Hell’s Garden”. As a candy, you even get a Psychedelic part with a noise similar to a slot machine in Vegas, probably a guitar effect. This lively tune makes Finn Parker another very interesting young Rock band like the The Black Bones (with whom they will support Matt Boroff at the p.m.k in Febuary), Here For A Reason and Churchpenny Allstars.