Contemplative Church and Synth Sounds

Raketkanon, Ozymandias

Final Club Tour, Arena Wien – Kleine Halle, Austria 20191210


While especially tourists attend the christmas market at the townhall of Vienna, others are looking for wilder tones. And for the umpteenth time only this year, the wonderful Arena hosts two marvellous bands at the small hall.

Ozymandias e.g. opened for Sunnata and Weedpecker at the Viper Room in February. Reason enough, to savour their huge tracks and show live again. Their debut “Cake!” already is memorable because of it’s cover that shows a piece of meat. But also the songs are a blast and get stuck in your mind. Like “Blasphemia”, with which they start they show, followed by “Doom I – The Daisies”. The riff has similarities to “Holy Water”, but because of the raspy singing, which even reminds of Nirvana, it stays unique. As topping the band serves dry humor, joking that they don’t have time as they need to get to the train back to Linz and that the organ is a moody old lady.

A little bit later, it is time for the final club show in Vienna of Raketkanon. Even though the rush is limited, fans travelled even from Greece to Austria to see the Belgian Noise Post Rock outfit. Hailing from Ghent like Wiegedood, the band has a recommendation of Iggy Pop to exhibit, and who else can tell that. Somehow their crazy tunes and show remind of Chango but in even more freaked out. For their last goodbye, they brought their new record “RKTKN #3” released via Alcopop Records with them and tell their frenetic fans to “put the dancing shoes on”. Singer Pieter-Paul Devos in perfect fronter’s manner therefor gets down from the stage to his audience. The great energy of the whole evening makes tired bones awake again and it seems no wonder that between the guests you can spot known faces of local rock heroes like Great Rift, Ultima Radio and Boogie Hammer.