Robocop Hunts Cinderella (Single 2022)


Alternative Punk

Sometimes life needs some variety or a change. And so a Viennese Alternative Punk collective unveiled two acoustic verions lately in contrast to the heavy originals. But now they are back with their electrifying sound and a new single.

Apart from working on new music, FLEKS appeared on open air stages like the Nova Rock Encore next to Russkaja, Måneskin and Millencolin, between in Hamburg, and this year at the Frequency festival with likes of Bilderbuch, RAF Camora and Antilopen Gang. For the new song, they combine two interesting yet very long-established fictional famous figures.

RoboCop“ is the hero, that first appeared in the science fiction action movie from 1987. „Cinderella“ like shown on the cover is based on a fairy tale, promoted by the animated Walt Disney film from 1950. On the single artwork, Cinderella obviously does not look happy, as „Robocop Hunts Cinderella“ down the staircase with some red roses in his hand.

What grabs the ear very quickly in the beginning of the tune is the present bass, building the ground floor like in an electronic track. Due to the mix of Alexander Lausch, everything else finds its place, like the several voices sometimes appearing in the background or some whistling as well.

With word repetitions and accentuated singing, the song gets the touch of similar memorable Rock tunes like from Billy Talent. But FLEKS would not be FLEKS, when they would not stay true to their modern influences. The pithy synthie sound solo in the last third does the rest to complete the spacy Cyberpunk atmosphere.

The drive and vibe of „Robocop Hunts Cinderella“ with its Indie rhythm probably works as electric live killer. Published via Dachshund Records (HÆCTOR, Jannike and more), the song serves fans of young and headstrong sounds.