In the sign of the cactus, the flamingo and the rainbow

Tash Sultana, Josh Cashman

Arena Wien Open Air presented by fm4 Indiekiste and Barracuda Music, Austria 20220829

Back in 2019, an unbelievable artist sold out the Arena open air area two times, even so it was the first time in the city. Now they return to the very place, shortly after the summerly experience with the Bright Eyes.

To start the evening, one of the later session band members performs a solo set. Josh Cashman from Melbourne, Australia follows the idea of the main act and packs his beautiful melodies in the costume of looped instrumental layers, spiced up with an effect microphone. The typography in the background billows and suggests the airplanes from the „Dopamine“ video clip. Cashman spreads a relaxed mood, an R’n’B and Pop feeling like in the suitable „Summertime Daydream“.

After few songs, his time is already over, but as said, he will be back. Because Tash Sultana is not completely alone on stage for the whole show this times like three years ago. Nevertheless, to keep the magic alive, they start solo as well. It is very impressive again, how Sultana manages to play all the instruments including stringed ones and keys as well as the drums, the flute and the saxophone and build the songs from them. For some visitors, the voice that reminds a bit of Macy Gray could be used more often, but the guitar solos are incredible too, especially as the band including Josh Cashman joins for some songs.

It turns out to be a great plan, to have the band for some time, but to finish the concert alone again. Apart from the songs from the latest second full-length „Terra Firma“ and „Jungle“ from the „Notion EP“, the final „Blackbird“ from “Flow State” on the acoustic guitar reminding of Rodrigo y Gabriela, Ratzenbeck and Wino is a pure highlight. The cactus and flamingo on the rainbow and visuals on screen complete visually what is a fulfilling musical adventure again.