Heroes of the 00s and not so Alternative

FM4 Geburtstagsfest 2024

Ottakringer Brauerei Wien, Austria 20240127

Saturday night and a dozen possibilities: Out Of Nothing return to Café Carina and Fiesta Forever to Superbude. At the same time, David Helbock celebrates his birthday at Porgy & Bess. And in 1995, another institution was born that celebrates at Ottakringer Brauerei: radio fm4.

On three floors, the station parties with DJs and live music. The evening is sold out, and due to the many tickets, that were sold and the constructional conditions, they recommend to not change floor, if you actually want to see a special act. So the base is the ‚Keller‘, where Cousines Like Shit follow after Dottie Andersson

Since the great single „Romy Schneider“, they put out hits like „Bachelorette“ from „Avant Trash“ talking about Tinder. Or „Ziggy Ziggy“, for which they would like some stars as light, as it is about David Bowie. For May 23rd, they announce a release show and continue their set with „Over Night“, somehow reminding of Hinds

While the line-up continues with Endless Wellness and a Bryan Adams fill-in, a long queue is waiting to get upstairs. Because there, the Bohemian Pleasures headliners Oehl featuring Ruhmer would play and after, Moop Mama x Älice would get the party going.

Final show at the ‚Keller‘ is Madsen featuring the district council of Donaustadt Sascha Madsen. They have a long history with fm4, as they played e.g. at School Of Rock HAK Feldkirch during their „Goodbye Logik“-tour 2006 after the Nova Rock. Their set includes „Ein bisschen Lärm“ from „Hollywood“ as starter soon followed by „Sirenen“.

Of course the classics „Die Perfektion“, „Du schreibst Geschichte“ and „Lass die Musik an“ are highlights. After this emotional finish, DJ Alex Augustin continues with a lot of chart hits and a short Alternative Rock excursion with Blur and Weezer’sBuddy Holly“.