Good Ol’ Sun Sets, Modern Music Rises

Bohemian Pleasures – Day 1

Presented by Ink Music, Siluh Records, Laessig booking, Spoon Agency and Numavi Records, Tivoli, Vienna, Austria 20210827

This Friday is a special music day. Honest Lie and Bioglycerin publish new material. NoBack Booking presents some Hardcore acts at Escape. Musicjunky Bookings launches “Support The Underground Vol. 3” with Black Tape Suicide Acoustic. And we head to the Bohemian Prater, the smaller sibling to the Wurstelprater, more exactly the Tivoli, named like the bar in Dornbirn.

From a shopping street via a residential area we head up the hill, surrounded by peace while the Crashing Satellites open the Bohemian Pleasures Festival. As second act, Loeweloewe sing of a real friend, strings that are louder then voices in one’s head and seeing the light. Their several voices are outstanding and more inspiration it seems they take from songs like “Back in the USSR”. The Gürtel Nightwalk on Saturday they’ll spend at The Loft.

During the break, GDS and Eels can be heard, before Ruhmer gets on stage, about a year after playing at Loop. He has been busy with new songs, revealing his working methods online. His set includes beautiful quiet songs plus all singles from “Truth” to “Kill Me Now” to the latest “Universe” and “Penlove”, about which he says it has “Schmackes” (dt. with gusto, welly). Next time he will appear at Waves with likes of Greyshadow.

Another highlight is Flut, who celebrated their debut at WUK. They start right away with their magnificent “Linz bei Nacht”. Singer Johannes tells that it’s a pity that after living about six years in Vienna, it’s his first time at the Bohemian Prater. More hits are “Eiszeit”, “Sendet Affen”, “Cocktailbar” and “Grenzenlos”.

Final band of day one is Oehl, featuring Ruhmer on drums like at poolbar Festival. They make jokes about presenting Ballermann songs and perform a snippet of “Wonderwall” before “The Book Of Love”. “300,000” they play as well, and about “Keramik”, singer Ari tells it is for his son, born with only 1.6 kilograms but doing fine.

While the sun has set, the wind has come up, but under the tent, the audience is sheltered. And on day two, Baits and many more are there to proceed.