The emotional show gift after the show

Foo Fighters

Big Game After Show in 2D Live Stream, Los Angeles Convention Center CA, USA 20220214

Watching a live stream of an American band, it can quickly happen, that it is somehow associated with Football. Like when Death Angel broadcasted from San Francisco, and the Niners played against the Packers the same evening. Now one of the biggest Rock bands around took the Super Bowl as occasion, to do an After Show both in VR and in 2D via Facebook Live.

Already in 2020, the Foo Fighters went online at the Roxy to promote their new single and record, for which they are now even about to release a horror comedy movie. The VR space, acts like Fokis explored as well. And Hip Hop is the thing of the Super Bowl halftime show this year, as the legends Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Mary J. Blige together with Kendrick Lamar and special guest 50 Cent perform their most known hits.

The Foo Fighters in turn decided to record a very special set including some surprises. It starts right away with the live premiere of „T-Shirt“ from „Concrete And Gold“. With „The Sky Is A Neighborhood“, it includes another kind of new live classic. „This Is A Call“ from their debut on the other hand has been one since about thirty years already. And for „Best Of You“, that mark of twenty gets closer.

From their latest „Medicine At Midnight“, they chose „Waiting On A War“. A familiar but not-heart-in-a-long-time moment is the romantic „Walking After You“, which they played for the first time since 2006, when it was released on their acoustic live monument „Skin And Bones“.

Going on in the second half of the set, two songs from „One By One“ follow. „Times Like These“ they start with the piano like The Offspring now do with „Gone Away“, continuing with „All My Life“ and „These Days“ from album number VII. To bring the show to an emotional end, they picked „Home“ as final gift for their fans.