The Moth frolics during Sunrise

Death Angel, Mordred, Molten

‘Kill As One’ Live from The Great American Music Hall Stream, San Francisco, USA 20220122

Usually this particular band comes up with names like Exodus, Testament or Annihilator, with whom they slayed the Arena. And on festivals, they’re the best for for motivation. Now they organized a big show in their home town San Francisco, CA.

In the stream chat, the fans motivate those who are awake all night already, like the ones from Sweden or the Netherlands. But Russia, Japan and Philippines are represented as well. So in the exklusive shop, a „Kill As One“ show shirt is available.

Before it really starts, Ace Annese does few interviews on topics like artwork, record stores in your town if you might have one, „Bay Area Godfathers“, Machine Head and more. But quite exactly at 5am Austrian time, Molten hit the stage, captured by several cameras.

Speed, breakdowns, growls and screams ahead, they slam their latest material from the upcoming record and songs like „Zombie’s Curse“ from „Dystopian Syndrome“. „Was sick all day, just what the doctor ordered“ is one comments in the chat, where Mama Cavestany joins as well. The Obituary shirt should’ve been a sign, as the pit opens up, but a couple keeps staying unimpressed, a wonderful picture.

Niners‘ against ‘Packers‘ is a topic as well like Super Bowl line-up featuring Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg and the quiz during the break. Then Mordred is up next. They released their debut album „Fool’s Game“ in 1989, their prominent logo a black hand on red ground. They did Rap Metal before it existed with scratches and Funk. Obscure like „Orgasmatron“ and intense like Chris Cornell and Alice in Chains, they rock songs from their latest „Dark Parade“ or „Falling Away“ from 1991.

Around 7.30am, „is Slayer playing Death Angel tonight?“ No, Death Angel are about to nail their show. „Lord Of Hate“ rings in the mayhem. „Seemingly Endless Time“ people in Europe had to wait for „Thrashers“ and crowdsurfers wearing Warbringer-shirts during „Thrown To The Wolves“. More highlights are „The Dream Calls for Blood“ and the live premiere of „Abscence Of Light“. At the end, a grateful band leaves an overwhelmed audience, after a fabulous show in remarkable video and audio quality.