When The Kingdoms Collide (Single 2022)

Junipa Gold

Alternative Rock

Sometimes probably everyone would like to hide away at least for a while. Whether on a lonely island, an empty space like Spitting Ibex in their „Kingdom Of Devotion“, or up the mountains in an isolated cabin. A picture, many artists used for their purposes like Fritsch & The Jims, gab&gal, Tarkka-a, The Cycling Shrimp or Kool Savas

Now another act from Vorarlberg uses this image in the music video for their new single „When The Kingdoms Collide“. Junipa Gold teamed up with Rola Music (Fiesta Forever, Pat Burgener) to promote this first chapter of their upcoming EP „Something Divine“ after the self-titled full-length.

The song is a driving monster, with a straight vibe similar to for example „My Best Theory“ of Jimmy Eat World. This is underlined by the guitar sound, that materializes the Rock colors. The PR agency draw comparisons of singer Mia Berchtold’s voice to Pink and Beth Dito. In combination with the instrumental part, the fabulous Dool can come to one’s mind as well.

As the drums of Fabio Böckle (Zusammenklang) go further, similarities to Danko Jones appear. Junipa Gold value the visual exterior too. On YouTube, they published an appealing music video for „Let Me Go“ and live clips from the Glashus, Antholz and AmBach, central home for concerts, cabaret and cinema evenings in Götzis.

In an old hunting lodge, the furniture and light impress with its flair. The location in the forest reminds of the Südbahnhotel or other cottages used in movies like „Wilde Maus“ or „Soko Donau“. The band members are busy with Scottish Whisky, chess and cleaning shoes. 

Filters add some more vintage flavour. Junipa Gold use terrific aesthetics both in sound and video. That gives a complete picture of keen Alternative Rock in moving presentation, providing an escape from dark thoughts in music.