The Spirit remains the same

Fuck Sorry!

Arena Beisl Open Air, Vienna, Austria 20200803

There are those days when it seems everything is falling into place. You accidentally find out about a concert, another appointment gets cancelled, and then you pass by the frontman of Tokan on the street, which you take as a sign.

Indoor venues like the Viper Room or Café Carina have opened their doors for likes of Iron Snag Joe and hopefully soon Far From Autumn or Vltimas as well. Other locations built up open air stages like Das Werk for Viech and more, and luckily the Arena did the same. This Monday, the Beisl hosts the first concert evening at the very place in front of the administration building.

Brewtality, Hog Meets Frog, Wildhunt, The Röad Crew and Mothers Of The Land are a few of the upcoming acts. Fuck Sorry! are the ones to mark the start. The remarkable name one might already know because they played at e.g. the Venster99, alte WU, Flag or the Pankahyttn. Also their faces might be familiar to those who happened to visit the Arena before.

The rain doesn’t hold a whole bunch of people from gathering in front of the speakers. The band starts the set with a slower tune, before they speed it up with the second one. Number three is “Toyboy”, a song that tells about a child working in a toy factory so the kids in wealthier countries can play with them.

Valuable contents are important to the band: self-hatred, body shaming and sexism are some of the topics their lyrics talk about. In case of a new song, the audience is asked to think about the message itself, while singer Anna is screaming mostly. They play “Fressen” as well and “Halt’s Maul” and the happy audience requests some encores.

To be inside those sacred walls of this area and enjoy such great music in this environment again is an amazing pleasure and probably one of the most corona-friendly possibilities.