0405 (Single 2020)

The Boy I Used To Be

Expressive Melancholic Music


With the regularity, Motörhead used to released their records, so does the most emotive, heart-warming melancholic musician from the feet of the Swiss Alps to the sunrise in the Pannonia fields lately publish new singles. Here comes his most personal song ever.

The Boy I Used To Be began his series of songs in March with “Bern”, continued with “Seabed” and “Vacant Eyes”. All of them were accompanied by a video, and so is “0405”. The new tune deals with probably one of dramatic experiences in anyone’s life: the death of a close person. In this case, The Boy’s brother Simon.

That he doesn’t make no secret out of this background feelingly shows the strength and honesty in his music. Instrumentally, he adds one layer onto another to build up this beautiful track, that has a little Christmas in it, as it is very approachable, but with the serious touch like in songs from “End Times” from the Eels.

All of those layers, not only on the record but also live, The Boy manages to play very clean without a lot of scratches. This time, the video is even more simplified, to still have some visual effect, but keep the attention on the sound. Whereas in the last video, you could see him perform in full and with stock footage, now only his head is in the focus, which appears as silhouette, hit by one spot from the back.

The final post production of the video again he fully surrendered to the trusting hands of Thomas Leitner. The mastering of the song itself, Alexander Lausch (Lausch, Ultima Radio, Elephant, Yakata and many more) took over. Like this, “0405” is not just the most personal but also a very stirring yet soothing song at the same time.