See You Everywhere (Single 2020)


Indie Pop Rock


It’s getting close to the end of July, and summer’s about to reach its peak. Small open-air concerts finally are possible again. And to promote their gig at #6850Dornbirn, gab&gal present their summerly first single of their forthcoming third album.

See You Everywhere” points with a simple title and a basically simple but beautiful and catchy arrangement. As used from the two previous records “Feronia” and “Aurora”, there are a lot of small and sweet details to be found in the mixing of producer gal, who is the drummer of the band as well.

One of those details are the bongos that can be heard or the synthesizer later on. Also there are those fine guitar fill-ins that add this little note of easiness, which is noticeable throughout the whole song. For the overall feeling, gal oriented him at panning technics Queens Of The Stone Age and even The Beatles used back in the days.

For this release, the band published a lyric video, like they did for “Time Is Relative” and for their very first single “It Keeps Me Down”. On a background layer, videos from streets, bicycles, trees and flats can be seen, while the outlines of the letters define, what the viewer can actually see.

The core of the song builds the whistling chorus. A melody, that is meant to stay and does get stuck in ones mind. The whistling is shown with pursed lips and the only two times, singer gab himself can be seen is telling “Yeah” before those choruses. In the end, one more final time, the title is shown, before the screen turns to black.

Due to the current circumstances, the album will take longer to its release. But this new song makes one look forward, what gab, gal, Felix, and Sebastian (LAUT) and Samy (San), who joined the recordings for the first time, are about to deliver.