In the summer in the Park


Sommer im Park at Kulturhauspark presented by #6850Dornbirn, Dornbirn, Austria 20200718

Within the last months, there were many opportunities lost: Kvelertak, The Devil’s Trade, CoC, Dool, Betzefer, Afrob, Beck, Body Count, Ms. Lauryn Hill, the list is endless. But finally it is time to find out how concerts can work those days. In the center of Dornbirn, it seems to be the perfect chance.

Just across the marketplace, close to locations like the Klappe 2, Tivoli and 7er Bar, the Kulturhaus is situated. Something that is not well-known, in the back there is a park, that features some steps similar to an amphitheater. The perfect spot for a sweet summer open air with the Indie Pop Rock of gab&gal.

In the late afternoon, only a few hours before the concert, the band released the first single of their upcoming third record, teased with the words “Monday Blues along the way”. The set itself, the two eponyms start with “Second Friend”, accompanied by bassist Felix and guitarist Samy.

For “15 Years”, they carried the djembe with them, which spreads beautiful summer vibes. The emotional “Hidden Place”, gab dedicates to his parents, who are among the guests. The group also performs “Time Is Relative” that wins a lot from Samy’s guitar playing and “Alone In This”, for which the audience brings out the mobile lights and lighters.

The good mood of the four-piece affects the whole stairway, and so the visitors clap, hum and dance with the music. And the wish of gab, that the melody of the new single “See You Everywhere” will stick to people’s minds, obviously works. The next morning, you can still whistle the song without hearing it.

gab&gal want to finish the concert with three announced encores, including a new Paolo Nutini cover. Plus at the very end, gab returns for one more final tune, which is “Seaside”.