Sonic Taboo (LP 2020)

Sonic Taboo

Instrumental Rock


“We’re the only real Americans left. We believe in freedom. We live the way folks used to. Before big cities, lawyers, computers with your names in them. Free!” Words of a long-haired, bearded dark looking man in Walter Hills “Another 48 Hrs.

The biker (living) style always had its fascination coming down in movies like “Hells Angels on Wheels”, “Harley Davidson & The Marlboro Man” and many more. The same applies to the (younger) skateboarding culture. And part of the soundtrack for those are fuzz-loaded guitar vibes that one might locate in the west. But Sonic Taboo from the Eastcoast bring the Californian desert to the Big Apple.

The beginning of the self-titled debut is dark and the bass picks you up. During the following minutes, their creative variable songs never make you miss any singing. Accented use of effects and breaks support the great groove and psychedelic influence. The drums are crisp and the riffs reveal the pure joy of playing.

Next to the driving songs, Sonic Taboo bring in other moods as well. In “Emotional Haze” you get some Doom and a nice climax. “Sadistic Twist” has a twist with the relaxed rattles. If “Planet Terror” has got something to do with the “Grindhouse” movie double feature can’t be said for sure, but the Fuzz is appealing and catchy.

With “Fogbow” the record even has a really quiet piece, while “Black Chopper” has its roots in classic Nazareth or Thin Lizzy plus it has a video for it. But also the big names in Metal can be heard like in “When Silence”, which reminds of Metallica on the one and Motörhead ballads on the other hand.

Motörhead-frontman Lemmy was seen on a Triumph similar to the fabulous cover by Matt Wilkins too. Lucky thing, that Sonic Taboo, related to Jungle Junkies and Rosa Tattooada, follow their inspirations and bring on the great riffs, just as other newer bands do, like for example Rooks.