L’Uomo Meccanico (LP 2020)


Alt-Rock / Psychedelic

There are big names in film music like Vladimir Cosma, Martin Böttcher, Jimmy Page and marvellous Ennio Morricone (R.I.P.). And there are huge Italian movies like the “Don Camillo” series, “Life Is Beautiful” and the Sergio Leone Westerns, partially shot at Cinecittà.

The experimental Alternative Rock formation Earthset from Bologna follows a very special concept. Similar to events that took place at the Chybulski, Naked Lunch with Fuzzman or the celeb-studded “Gutterdämmerung”, they crafted their soundtrack to the very first Science Fiction movie with fighting robots “L’Uomo Meccanico”, out via Dischi Bervisti / Koe Records.

Right at the beginning, Horror LPs by the Maestro come to ones mind. The soundscape is a thrilling exploration, the panorama increases the feeling. The level gets higher and then… silence. Just close to the second chapter, a melody gives some relief.

Now melody and beat are tranquilized, but then “Il Fuoco”, the fire starts to blaze until dissonances and the screaming guitar cause despair. After the inferno, a little rest follows while sirens disappear in the distance. Then it gets an epic Queen touch, until all of the sudden we are back in effects again, an intelligent deceit – “L’Inganno”.

The outstanding complementary guitar work comes to the fore in “La Festa”, a trance-like dance. In the title track, the bass builds up the big wall of sound. The heavy distorted solo guitar lets one see the monster move like in “It Came From Beneath The Sea” or “Bigfoot”.

This causes an escape: “La Fuga” feels its way carefully and then gets piercing, brute and massiv, boosting the excitement. Squeaks and distortions leaving you with a “Wow”, when it comes to another breather. “Il Ballo” is the most classic rock part, the riff as well as the beat.

The final chapter is “Lo Scontro”, the collision. The showdown of the fighting robots, and in the silence before the storm it is clear: something is about to happen. But will it then be done? Will the last curtain fall? It remains exciting until the end. Hopefully this can be answered as soon as the band is able to tour again, playing the music live to the movie.