Bin Thru (Single 2021)



Everywhere you look, you can find unpopular but awesome Hip Hop acts. Relit, Modyst, Fokis and Tarkka-a are just few names. In Austria there are also Jahson The Scientist, Broke MCs, the Duzz Down San family and Kreiml & Samurai. Coming to the region Vorarlberg, it stays diverse thinking of Penetrante Sorte and what shows as well.

Via Audiobunka could be one way to explore the new breed. Gra3t, Aisjj and Suyigue together are GAS. Despite their very young age, they deliver extremely strong and impressive tracks on an amazingly high level. This brought them gigs at the Sender, OJA Hohenems and Between, and if there wasn’t covid19, they would have played in Vienna already too.

After tunes like “Escobar”, “D.i.D.”  and “$prite”, the three present a real highlight. The new single “Bin Thru” is a pure Rap song with a snatching hook. The beat by OrWot Productions is pumping with a plane accentuated bass like Ludacris, Disturbing Tha Peace or Young Buck and bit of a reference to N.O.R.E. The intonation and emphasis as well as the emphatic performance do the rest, so GAS is in no way inferior to international comparisons.

For the videos, they teamed up e.g. with Bulut Films. This time, the head behind the visual part is Yohana Papa Onyango. He has worked with likes of Miss Weirdy, Linksabbiega, Suave and Bold Sun, but also on shorts and features like “Find Me” and “One Night in Istanbul”. His lifeblood can be felt in this one like from GAS itself.

With a cloth as mask, two early associations in the video are Brujeria and Body Count. The topic of guns and police remind of the early N.W.A clips and 50 Cent. The editing is dynamic and slow motions are used carefully. At the end, they swing the flag of Nigeria, where a wave of kidnapping and assaults on schools are going on, before the final hashtag #blacklivesstillmatter appears.