Grind, Core, Gore, Fun

General Surgery, Taxidermist, Condylomata Acuminata

Escape, Vienna, Austria, 2017-02-17


When the Escape invites for an exclusive evening, high quality and fun are guaranteed. For the exclusive Austrian show of the Swedish Grindcore veterans General Surgery, the hosts put together a nice package with two more bands.

The start makes the band Condylomata Acuminata, the latin word for genital warts. This name might already imply what this group is about: a crazy, crushed and hilarious show that gets the people moving and does the perfect warm-up for the following. Because as second highlight, the local heroes from Taxidermist, who are well-known at the place and therefore deserve this title, play their CD-Release-Show. Only two days before the gig, they have released the video for “Throne of Suicide”, a song that because of his groove reminds of for example DevilDriver or Cannibal Corpse and like that works well live. Even though their drummer just left the band, they manage to give a great presentation of their songs with a drum computer. As encore, they play the 2013 song “Russian Roulette”, probably the best known and celebrated song of the band.

Then it is time for the other highlight of the evening, the performance of General Surgery. Already during the sound check, these guys show a lot of humor, as the grunts and shreds give the audience a funny hint, what the concert is going to be like. The band then leaves the stage for a few more minutes, before they come back in their surgery clothes and covered in blood. What follows is a permanent mosh pit in the front and a lot of headbanging behind that, as the group blasts through their set.

In the end, the audience craves for more and gets rewarded with encores, and as the band finally leaves, the people spend applause for an explosive show and a lot of fun.