Contagious Radioshow to get the Weekend go

George Nussbaumer

Alive Wohnzimmer Festival 20200424


It is getting hard to even just list all streams: Grandmaster Flash made a block party. Eyehategod streamed Nantes, Pink Floyd Pompeii. Bare Hands Society hosted Misho Yoisfoff. Armins Theatermobil Harry Marte. Play On Fest Weezer and Cardi B. Plus Ultima Radio, S.O.D., Blue Oyster Cult, At The Movies and Live Lounge Allstars share songs.

Or you could also watch Twitch. Or the Alive Wohnzimmer Festival, that already started in the afternoon with acts like Ekkehard Breuss from Sound in a City. In the evening, another musical icon of Vorarlberg presents some songs: George Nussbaumer. Not only has he successfully put out several records and played cabaret with Stefan Vögel, hosting a radio show is nothing new to him either.

After a short intro, George is sitting at his piano. He tells that usually at this time they would have done the soundcheck, maybe have sandwich and a beer. Instead, he hosts this show to gather money for “Geben für Leben”, who fight leukemia like “Pro Leukämie”. He prefers showing clips and songs and recalling some stories like performing at the Krebshilfe Benefiz All Stars concerts to playing live to a camera.

The set he presents consists of nine songs including “City Boy”, the Wolfgang Ambros cover “Familie Pingitzer” with Bernie Weber (Never Do Well, Twist Of Fate), which he sang with a leg in plaster and of course the Eurovision Song Contest hit “Weil’s da guat got”. With Philipp Lingg of HMBC he sang “Life After Facebook”, and the final tune is “Der Bote”, recorded at the Kulturhaus Dornbirn.

The good mood of the moderator is contagious, as he is smiling and joking a lot. And between he even takes time to answer questions like how he ended up doing music. He had piano lessons with about nine or ten which he hated. With sixteen or seventeen he played in a band, which fired him. But after a detour of being a masseur, he finally did what he always wanted to.