First Hand Info And What It’s Like

Martina Gmeinder, Ekki Breuss, Mirjam Steinbock

Armin Webers Theatermobil Live Stream 20200427


The cultural scene in western Austria is seething. For the ninth time already, Armin’s Theatermobil hosts local artists. Bernie Weber, Harry Marte, Franz Kabelka, Johannes Lampert and Prinz Grizzley all participated already, just to name a few.

After playing at the Alive Wohnzimmer Festival, it is the second gig in a row for Ekkehard “Ekki” Breuss (Amadeus nominee, Ekkmann Sounds, Sound in a City, Boat of Souls). As the perfect crossover match, mezzosoprano Martina Gmeinder sings with him. And outside in a bus, Mirjam Steinbock, director of IG Kultur is about to talk about the current situation.

The first song is a highlight right away, not only because it is a pure beauty of a song, but because this version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” is a real beauty too. And also Johannes Brahms has a wonderful relaxing effect. In some way the combination reminds of Tschako, in others of exalt. The ambience does the rest, making think of KulturRoulette evenings at the Denkmal.

From the man who got honoured at places in e.g. Hamburg and New York they perform “Imagine” before ending set one with “You’ve got a friend”. The following dialogue turns out very interesting. Talking about what IG Kultur is, a union with members of for example the ProKontra and the actual situation of the protagonists, there is enough to learn and reason to give.

To get this good background proofs the format of the program. Back with the musicians, both go with a solo track. DMX once did “Ain’t No Sunshine”, but Ekki makes it a great bluesy variation, like maybe Alwin Hagen would have done as well. Martina usually is accompanied by a piano but goes a cappella with the first Franz Schubert song causing goose bumps.

An die Musik” they play together again and suddenly Peter Cornelius comes to one’s mind, followed by a folk song. And after another short talk and Tibor Naphegyi (Blue Monday Blues Band, The Burning Rosettas) commenting the IG Kultur mail adress, the set contains two more tunes, ending with a fabulous “What A Wonderful World”.