sweetest (Album 2024)


Progressive Indie Hip Hop Cinematic Soul Grunge

In the ‚Mid90s‘, it was the fusion of Skate and Hip Hop culture. In the late 90s, more precisely 1999, Jim Jarmusch merged Hip Hop with the culture of the samurais. And quarter of a century later, those vibes are still a-floating, and the spirit of the warrior lives on. 

Like RZA crafted the soundtrack for „Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai“, ghostdog. now crafts the score for the modern (social) jungle. Stephan Paulitsch is previously known for being part in projects like Viech and Almost Famous. With „sweetest“, ghostdog. presents a solo debut, following the musical heart like others do, thinking of Lofi Sofa or Arnold Burk.

And it starts with a feature of another solo artist and member of Viech: „federlight“ with Paul Plut. Flipping like Conny Ochs, the bass and noises make you feel like riding across the plains of the Wild West. The guitar then reminds of Tachomat as well as of Mose until the first tune ends in a rhythmic escalation. 

Several features follow with Larya, Mondamoiseau and two with Elijah Law. The stylistic orientation varies a lot from R’n’B („faro“) and Lounge („hero“) to (French) Rap („insensible“) like Iron Sy and Grunge („rabbit hole“). This diversity of ideas reminisces on likes of Ruhmer, Magic Delphin and Pale Male.

Whereas the title „twenty 1“ brings up Guadalajara, it does sound different. Still the instruments are mixed super smoothy and the solos let your head nod from left to right. Somehow ghostdog. manages the balancing act between earthy and arcade game sounds and ironic lyrics like Helge Schneider, Bilderbuch and Fainschmitz with a stop like from Busta Rhymes in „schniekers“ 

The final „sweetest euphoria“ feels like a fine summary, letting once more the guitar speek. There’s a certain serenity in „sweetest“ like from Khruangbin or Modyst and the feeling that somehow the samurai will survive this forest of human constructions.

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