Warriors Dance (Single 2024)

Elektryk Bestia

Psychedelic Alternative Progressive Rock

Time goes by imperceptibly. And unlike for soothsayers, the future is unknown. All of the sudden, we perceive vital signs like a pumping heart. A new single, which is only the harbinger for a new album. 

Since „Return Of Bestia“, several seasons have past. With „Warriors Dance“, Elektryk Bestia announce a new era with the upcoming record „Future Unknown“. Coming from the state of New York, the title automatically reminds of the fantastic movie by Walter Hill „The Warriors“ from 1979. It follows a gang and their journey through the biggest city of the state with a great soundtrack including like of Arnold McCuller.

„Warriors Dance“ actually could fit as well in some way. The distorted riffing style in the beginning brings up the Queens Of The Stone Age. Discreet drums give the rhythm, as another guitar howls across the roofs of the city. As it is all about dynamics, the variations within the motif abrupt little explosions keep the tension up high.

In the middle, the hi-hat conducts a quieter psychedelic part. On the one hand, it is like a Stoner groove from likes of Stoned Jesus. On the other, with its synthesizer sounds, it gives the feeling of a score like a tune from Lightts. The vocals then lead to the final storm, like electric turbulences in your ears, mind and whole body.

At the end, the beginning riff returns. In the visualizer video made for the single, the owl of the cover artwork has been animated like the octopus from „No One“ by Alexandra Hesse. The heart is blinking, like the ears and eyes later on and the moon is shining. 

Coming to the mentioned storm, lightings come down all over the imagery. In this general mayhem, the Elektryk Bestia stands tall and will dance like the warrior beneath the moonlight in the end.

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