Now It Is Metal Party Time

Gloryhammer, Nekrogoblikon, Wind Rose

European Galactic Terrortour presented by Mind Over Matter Music, Cobra Agent and, ((szene)) Wien, Austria 20200206


In a time, where people just swipe from one song after seconds to the other, like they do with their possible dates, bands started to react in form that they stop producing whole albums but only release singles and EPs. But like we know it from e.g. Grave Digger or From Hell, there also still exist bands basing everything they do on one concept, like those partying this night at the ((szene)).

In the line in front of the sold out place, unicorns, pirates and especially a guy with a huge hammer attract attention. Like this unfortunately many don’t happen to see the first very hyped support act Wind Rose from Milano, Italy. With the “Drunken Dwarves” and calling for the “last battle cry”, they are the perfect warm up and motivate the well-filled hall for what’s up next.

Between the two Power Metal bands, the Melodic Death of California-based Nekrogoblikon stands out. They assert that it’s their first time in Vienna, even though they have been here the year before with Rings Of Saturn. Anyway their show is great fun including all hits. “No One Survives” with the Kodaline-covered music video featuring Jon LaJoie is already the second, “We Need A Gimmick”, “Dressed As Goblins” and “The Magic Spider” follow. Besides they joke about their drummer getting from a robot to a human, their favourite birds the “Dragons” and afterwards one can take a selfie with the original goblin or let the book sign.

Significantly the final act has shirts telling “Laser Powered Goblin Smasher” on the back. Gloryhammer start their trip with a Tom Jones cardboard figure presenting “Delilah”. They shared the stage with huge names of the genre like Iced Earth, Sonata Arctica and Hammerfall. The reason are probably their catchy songs and their round concept going through design, lyrics and performance. The glorious hymns also remind of Manowar or local Tulsadoom and end a frisky Heavy Metal party evening, which will continue at the Nova Rock.