The Kids Are Alright

Splush, Far From Autumn, Onism

Presented by NoBack Booking, replugged Wien, Austria 20200130


The weather is way to warm for the end of January during the walk from the U6 station to the replugged. The place right after Moses Records can be easily recognized this evening, as a group of people is waiting outside for tonight’s concert to begin.

NoBack Booking put together a beautiful harmonic line up. It starts off with calmer strains of Onism. They don’t want to go deeper into their name’s meaning as it is “sad” but reduce it to life is short and so we should live it to the fullest. Concerning short time, their bassist learned the set in only two weeks. It consists of well-arranged songs and ukulele tunes by singer Emily, also known as Irial, and somehow reminds a bit of Roxette. With the final of their debut live show they speak out against ignorance.

The inviting band of the evening placed itself at the middle slot. Already their name got a sweet sound in it. A hit against the guitar by Peter, the announcement “We are Far From Autumn”, the count in by the drummer Alexander (Dara Lucie, Six Does) and there we go. Instantly the heart opens up, as this is Grunge Alt Punk Rock how it’s meant to be, reminding of the own youth with likes of e.g. Legs No Shoes and Fastlife Race. Honest and dirty in the best way. Before the quietest song, singer Ansi tells the story that her best friend is her dog and her girlfriend made her this custom shirt and she wrote the song for her before they got together. “Fucker” they don’t know why they wrote it and another one they have to start again, but who cares. The new one in the end, they wrote only a week ago, works perfectly well.

As the big final, they invited Splush. After playing at the B72 in 2018 and the Café Carina with Kaleidoscope Mind in 2019, it is only their third concert. But they got a loyal fanbase and amazing songs like “Time Flies”. Even though the singer claims to be sick, they deliver a perfectly powerful show, a must-see for fans of Crossover Alternative Rock. As little encore they all sing “You are pretty I guess” and it might be wrong but it sounded like it will be possible to see them again in April so watch out!