Fundamentals and Influences

Napalm Death, Eyehategod, Misery Index, Rotten Sound, Bat

Campaign For Musical Destruction Tour 2020 presented by MAD Tourbooking, Arena Wien – Große Halle, Austria 20200211


The second week of Febuary is full of concerts. On this Tuesday, only looking at the south-east of Vienna you could see Thy Art Is Murder and Babymetal. Or you can check out bands with huge impact, but who are no so-called ‘influencer’.

But talking about influencers, the number one of the first band at the Arena this night is Mister Lemmy Kilmister, as Bat is heavily Motörhead inspired. They also add a little Punk and Thrash and vary the speed. During their short announcements they mention a song about sex, dedicate one to the audience and end if their title giving song. The second act is known from their gig at the Escape already with Sarcastic Terror, Implore and Exhumed. When the bass drum blows the wind from the speaker over your head and a visitor uses his glasses for airdrumming, eventually you are watching Rotten Sound from Finland. Their influences they show on their clothes: Dead Kennedys, Die Choking, D.R.I. and more.

From Dying Fetus the band Misery Index evolved. Terrorizer and Ulthar can be read on their shirts. And finally the ones in the audience who have been waiting for it, now get their demand for a circle pit. From now on, there is no standing still in the front section. Just a little bit as Eyehategod slow the speed down. They are part of the Doom Sludge legacy like Carcass and Wino, related bands are Crowbar, Down and Corrosion of Conformity who play the Rockhouse soon. During the soundcheck the riff of “Simple Man” rings out, before Mike Williams starts the conversation with “I know you! I hate you!” The beauty of this heavy sound Napalm Death captures in their emotional Grindcore, spreading through General Surgery, Doch Chkae, Wormrot and Brujeria, with whom they toured Europe as well. With them they brought their brand new song, announce the new album and Barney takes the chance to e.g. speak out that people in love should be able to be in a relationship as it is “fundamental”.