Making People Realize Life Ain’t Just Bad

Nathan Towne of Blind Melon

Live Acoustic Session + Q&A, Michigan 20200403


There are three songs, that are forever connected with the Billy’s Pub by Mandi: “Like A Rolling Stone” of Bob Dylan, “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” by The Temptations, and a third one, named “No Rain”.

Nathan Towne of Blind Melon (somehow connected in ones head with Black Hollies) takes some time to sit down and play few licks on the acoustic guitar and answer some questions. He seems to be quite happy about his fresh coffee, into which he poured some maple sirup, what he really recommends to try.

It’s his relaxed nature and behavior, that makes this session so friendly. He is impressed having viewers from Puerto Rico and Italy as well: “Oh my goodness.” Without any effort he plays something similar like “The Girl From Ipanema”. Also he reveals that he will turn thirty soon and tells about where he is, what he likes to play and who has made his guitar.

As biggest influence grewing up he names Jimi Hendrix and he also comes up with a “Redemption Song” cover. “Soup” that he like to play next to “Mouth Of Cavities” he changes into an acoustic version as well. “Such pretty chords you know.” He doesn’t “get way without playing a Beatles song” as well. That he doesn’t play a song in full length or maybe plays twice as he says doesn’t matter.

At one point he wishes a “Happy birthday to everybody born today”. “Come As You Are” gets garnished with a belch. As second Beatles tune he chooses “Blackbird”, that he masters with high precision. “Low and slow that’s how the bacon turns out good”, he tells in the end and greets Alice Queen as requested. Before finally waving to his computer, he jams “Ferris Wheel” from Gábor Szabó as he was asked to do too.