The Ritual remains the same

Gorgoroth, Doodswens, Hats Barn, Tyrmfar

Black Metal Revelation Tour 2023 presented by TON Music Productions and Massive Music, Viper Room Vienna, Austria 20230219

Finally this Sunday – the day of the lord – it is time for the purest Black Metal action at Viper Room. TON Music Productions and Massive Music present the „Black Metal Revelation Tour“ featuring four bands, led by a true Norwegian legend.

It all starts with some Blackened Death: Tyrmfar from picturesque Sion, Switzerland, are full of energy. And this energy, they let flow right into their performance, showing a lot of movement, which is also praised by for a reason. At a point, singer Robin even screams without microphone and can be still heard.

From the Swiss, we head to the furthest north of France, to Lille. Hats Barn are here for essential Black Metal and to „celebrate darkness and evil“. It seems that they are in constant contact and exchange, and as the goblet of blood moistens the lips, the next decision is to spill the rest over the first rows of the audience. 

Again we turn towards the north. The next stop most Metalheads might know for its festival history: Eindhoven, where bands like Death or Testament did live recordings. Doodswens, in English ‘Death Wish’ like the movie series, continue the raw and direct style and the corpse paint for the sold out basement. 

After these great gigs, „South Of Heaven“ and „K.I.N.G.“, all is set for Gorgoroth with Hoest of Taake on vocals. They celebrate their 31st anniversary, looking back on an eventful history that draws a large haze including names like Gaahls Wyrd or 1349 after it. For this occasion, they play songs from their first albums „Pentagram“ and „Antichrist“ as well as from the latest „Instinctus Bestialis“. 

Since the 90s, the essence has remained the same and the fascination for Black Metal has obviously never stopped. And the photographs of Andreas Graf and Nachtfrost are silent witnesses of a loud and profound ritual as the videos by MikeysaurusRex below.