Old Dreams New Home

Juleah, MOLLY

Presented by Kulturverein Unterm Riadbom at Hugo Pansen Feldkirch, Austria 20230217

Some time has passed, since politicians sold the youth house in the center of Feldkirch and made the young generations and culture move. While millions were invested in the Montforthaus, the Graf Hugo had to find donators for the new location.

Luckily, they were able to find this new home. Stepping inside the live venue Hugo Pansen, old posters remind of concerts at the past basement like Highway Child. This night, the Kulturverein Unterm Riadbom presents two acts from the Shoegaze and Psychedelic field. 

Lars Andersson starts the show of MOLLY (making think of Kings Of Leon) solo, what makes even more curious, what will happen when tourmanager Severin joins in. Then as he does, he plays the drums and bass as well with his feet in colourful socks. They have brought their brand-new album „Picturesque“ with them, that is even available at Sister Ray records London. 

The most beautiful parts are the slow trance-like ones, but they can play heavily distorted too. So their music feels like a movie score like „Piedone“ or „Inherent Vice“, with the dreaminess of LILI, the wideness of Sólstafir and soft appeal of Elton John. And you can feel, how well the two work together, before they are off to Die Bäckerei at their hometown Innsbruck.

To bring in the summer and sunshine to the evening with February stars is the duty of Juleah. They were out in Vienna at the end of the year and now it is the first of two shows in their homecountry Vorarlberg. The second one will be at Carinisaal together with Jigsaw Beggars. While former guitarist David Stecher (Finn Parker, True Peak Sounds) watches in the audience, Henry Galehr has a new Fender, that he plays wonderful solo parts on. 

In the back, visuals show colors fade into each other. After an intense piece, the rhythm section can take a break and at a point, Julia picks up her twelve-string guitar. In this way, a great concert evening comes to an end at the Hugo Pansen. One next show of the Kulturverein Unterm Riadbom will be at the Saumarkt featuring Yunger.