The beauty of Grind taking back to the Core

Wormrot, Castincouch, Indoctrinate

Season Of Violence Tour 2023, Viper Room Vienna, Austria 20230223

It is the second time within few days, the way leads straight to the Viper Room after the Gorgoroth anniversary on Sunday. A poster reminding a bit of „Sin City“ announces the greatest Grincore fun of the week.

During those days, it is even better to see local bands as support, as everyone tries to catch the big names. Indoctrinate start off slowly, but quickly find to their natural speed: fast. Apart from changes within the songs, they just ask one more time, if the listeners like it slow and that they have to deal with it anyway.

But slow is relative in this raw Punk-style mess with spoken parts and growls, and so they leave with the announcement of the following acts – „yay!“. During the change over, visitors joke that you just need a crash and a hi-hat, while another one thinks, a hi-hat is enough.

Then Castingcouch enter the stage and the front of it, as the singer stays with the audience. His band tells that they don’t actually need to hear him, as they break their chaos loose with (Post) Hardcore impact like Vaataja and (dis-)harmonies like Bob Tilton. Just at the end, the singer gets on stage to join the drums.

Finally the headliners are Wormrot from Singapore. Their fourth album „Hiss“ made it to the Rolling Stone top fifteen. As their original singer quit, they welcome Gabriel Dubko of Implore for this tour. And they have an incredible schedule behind and before them with Distaste and more. Still their show is a powerful blast, just as beautiful as Grindcore can be

Stepping outside again, the posters in the glass display cases speak of more highlights like Esben and The Witch, Kerbmaldarr, Wildhunt, Swallow The Sun and Warbringer amongst others..