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Helmet – Dead To The World Tour w/ Local H

Catch you a-live

Helmet w/ Local H

Dead To The World Tour presented by Mind Over Matter Music, Szene, Vienna, Austria, 2017-02-27


Every year or two one underrated but really great band with big influence makes its way overseas: Helmet from New York City, this time with a support from Chicago in their luggage, Local H.

Two-men-shows always mark something special, as you have to decide on what sounds and instruments you focus yourself. But not Local H. They never decided, as frontman and singer Scott Lucas plays bass and guitar at once, so with Ryan Harding on drums they are a full band, where others need twice the manpower. In that formation they rock through a set that ranges from crazy punk and grunge to fun rock n roll tracks, always performing with full energy. At one point the band members of Helmet even join for one song, and so the audience is prepared for the main act.

Helmet themselves are really hard to put in words. This group especially impresses because of its unique sound and riffs. They are like something that has never been there nor will be, but lives in a whole lot of other bands too. Band head Page Hamilton might be 56 now, but it seems he is not getting older since the reformation in 2004. Maybe it is because of his generally younger band, which delivers a powerful and electrolyzing show. Mixing the old classics like “Unsung” with the new tracks like the first single “Bad News” from “Dead To The World”, the band pushes all songs like there’s no tomorrow. The way they present themselves, and the big frontman, who rocks the whole room, they leave no doubt about their position in hardcore, hard rock and metal history.

This is now the try to sum it up in one sentence: Helmet is a band, that can catch you in the very second, you hear them first, no matter if it is from record or like this night live!