Sway (Single 2021)


Synth-Pop, Dreamwave, 80s

The drive of Synth Pop that goes back to the 70s and 80s in unbanned. Bands like The Weeknd or The Helmut Bergers (who soon will play a Rockhouse Session) are on it, and the man who brought us “A Higher Place” goes on with his new single “Sway”.

Out via Noise Appeal Records (Couscous, The Ghost and The Machine, Bulbul), Greyshadow recorded his piece at Skystudio with Phil Conrad and Javier Uclés (Even If, Southern Peaks). The mixing was done by Alexander Lausch and mastering by Martin Scheer. The outcome is sounding perfectly great and now has a great music video for it as well.

First thing noticeable is the voice of Gregor Wessely, which has a wonderful tone colour and is full of volume. The rhythm section of drums and bass is concise, the synthesizer present. The beginning brings the title track of Gospel Dating Service’ debut to ones mind. A well-built bridge leads to the chorus, where the starting fill reminds of R.E.M. and the melody is big Indie like Mando Diao or The Wombats.

With this flow comes the vibe that makes you want to move. The cover with an orange stripe brings us to the video. Gregor is dancing in the street with headphones on, as aliens like from “Signs” take him to their ship, where a laser stripe scans him first. As they open his body, they find objects like a microphone, John Grisham book, a globe or a vinyl of Savage Progress, symbols of the past and current feelings.

The effectful clip is made by Vesely Films, responsible for the production of e.g. “Harmonie” with original Django Franco Nero or short films like “Es ist nicht einfach” with Peter Wetzelsberger, who has been in the Magic Delphin video “Millionen Dollar mit Arbeit” as well.

With this new track, Greyshadow starts in this new year as strong or even stronger then before. “Sway” has the power to catch you in the very second, let you dance and put you in a good mood.