Tilt N’ Shake (Album 2021)

Sweetwood Amber Remedy

Retro Hard Rock


The time is right for some pretty uplifting Heavy Rock ‘n’ Roll. From Toronto, place of the great Motörhead Live VHS from 1982 comes a new project related to Wildheart, White Cowbell Oklahoma and F. Scott & The Nighthawks.

Cody Vaillant gathered two more members for the three piece and three more featured guests for the self produced debut of Sweetwood Amber Remedy. Maybe because Canada was host of the IFPA World Championship in 2018 (where Austria was represented as well), the cover shows a flipper machine. The musical influences Cody names truly can be found throughout the nine songs of the record.

The intro is a fast rocking opener with double bass drums, which does what it should: makes you want more. The riffs and singing that follow give an impression of modern Nazareth and Van Halen, Europe or Chickenfoot in song number two “Sky On Fire”. Number three “All We Are” got this Genesis rhythm with some AC/DC and The Hellacopters hook.

Trademark of the sound is the pure handmade guitar sound, as people love it since decades. “Ya Dig?” shows some Lenny Kravitz licks and distant White Stripes association. After “2020”, the most bluesy track of the album comes your way with “Mother Lovin’ Truth”. Seasick Steve might come up but best reference is Rival Sons that Cody listed as well.

From the Blues section, it goes on with “Cantcha Feel It?” and some portion of Garage Rock and Airbourne energy. Like the Australians, Sweetwood Amber Remedy comment the chart music in “Top 40 Radio”. The final “My Guitar” directly brings up own memories of a love story with one’s guitar. Accurately this one reminds of Slash’s solo work and in the chorus of Neil Young.

“Tilt N’ Shake” is a through and through solid driving piece of Rock with a lot of influences but with an own style and a fresh feeling.