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I’m A Sloth

Rot-Weiß-Rot Live presented by radio 88.6 and Addicted To Rock, U4 Wien, Austria 20210212

Some times went by since the first collision with the band named after a lazy animal at the Café Carina with The Black Bones and Carousals. And since other Viennese locations like the Aera stream sessions as well, radio 88.6 and Addicted To Rock open up the U4 like on a regular Friday for some live action.

The evening with I’m A Sloth starts with a friendly interview with Beate mit Ö. The three tell about the seated concert at the Chelsea and their cancelled release show at the Arena Beisl. Nevertheless, their records are available at Rave Up, Recordbag and Schallter. As additional merch they have bags of their own, shirts and even drumsticks.

Berni points out that the name goes back to a motto-shirt and now it is kind of his life’s motto. During a special guided tour through the zoo, the sloth was of course one of three animals to pick. And hopefully they will play the Kurt Cobain Tribute and another gig with Death Valley Girls.

Then the live show starts. It is captured with multi cameras, sometimes shown as split screen. The online audience has nothing but praise for the unit. Except of the question “Berni, where are the fucked up Chucks?” Their signature sound is a feelingly natural Indie Grunge Punk (similar to Feud, Melburn or Baits), performed with a lot of attitude and action, like a huge jump over half of the stage.

Songs included in the set are e.g. “Hunting Season” as opener and “Brainless Painless” from “Bosom”, performed in the version of “My Body Is My Capital”. Berni and Flora sometimes have to switch position and instruments, while Valentin works the drums.

One song is even completely new with the working title “Chocolate Covered Caramel Cream…” containing the interesting line “I could be your princess what my mother said I was”. The outfit of Flora suddenly seems as ironic as the ones of The Rockin’ Vicars. Also their conversations remind of British Monty Python comedy, as they reply to some comments.

More highlights are the catchy “Titanic”, “Killercar” (music video by Junk X Films) and “Rockverbot“. The twelve songs just give you a great mind set, and on Monday there will be an interview, before in March Pure Chlorine and Yokohomo will follow.