Spill Blood On Sunday

Exhumed, Rotten Sound, Implore, Sarcastic Terror

Grind Over Europe II presented by Escape Entertainment and Doomstar Bookings, Escape Metalcorner Vienna, Austria 20180422


Sundays are not known as the best weekdays for parties or concerts, as most people’s week starts on Monday of course and you might be done because of the day before. Also for some it is the day of the lord. Yet for some it is the day to celebrate brutal music.

Darkness surrounds one when entering the Escape from the bright sun outside, so for the first moment it is even hard to see how many are inside. A relaxed first beer upstairs, before Sarcastic Terror start in the basement. They take it with humor, that at the beginning only few watch their show: “Thanks that so many of you came to see us.” The drums are hammering as they shredder through songs like “Rotten Tournament” – especially the fast Thrash tracks are fine.

As second act of this “Grind Over Europe” event, Implore present themselves as a clear highlight in general. Shirts from Bathory and Minor Threat perfectly sum up their sound, during the intense show the microphone stand falls down, and that two young guys even travelled for hours from Salzburg to see them says everything. But also Rotten Sound from Finland delivers an amazing gig, and it seems that they themselves have great fun too.

The headliner of the evening are the veterans from Exhumed. Their “disgusting Slasher-sound” of course is the reason to see them. But there are also gimmicks for the eye, starting with the “Warriors”-shirt. Going on with the guy covered in blood first waving the chainsaw through the air and jumping down to the crowd – scary. The smell of gasoline in the air he puts on a helmet on guitarist Bud Burke to make him play well. And then he brings up the head to spill blood on the audience. On a Sunday. A quick “Detroit Rock City” cover – the perfect Sunday.