Charisma & Balloons

Here For A Reason, Fritz Cobra, CopCar, Sam Chalcraft

“A Matter Of Time” Album Release Party, Local Vienna, Austria 20180421


Summer is in the air this lovely Saturday evening, and the temperature in the subway to the Local is growing high. For some time, it is nice to enjoy the last sun outside, before this release party begins.

First, the very friendly Sam Chalcraft performs his solo show. With great voice and wonderful guitar playing he wins the audience. “I am from the UK where we make questionable decisions but we have the royal family” he jokes. His songs are about heroes like a guy who can’t see on one eye anymore because he defended a woman or about how it is if you don’t know that you have to weigh your food at the store in Austria.

After this relaxed start, CopCar speed up the whole velocity. This three-piece punk-core band puts a lot of sweat into the show, jumping and the drummer playing nearly constantly the double bass. Also the next band Fritz Cobra presents solid stage action, from Punk even sometimes showing some love for Heavy Metal. Another example for an awesome band from Styria, thinking of the probably best current Metal band CroworD.

The audience therefore is perfectly warmed up, as Here For A Reason enter the stage to present their debut album. “A Matter Of Time” is the name of the CD containing ten great examples for what Pop Punk is. Their own songs like especially “Someday” rock the same, as their cover of genre legends Blink-182 (“Rock Show”) and Good Charlotte (“The Anthem” featuring a guest singer) do. It is the charismatic appearance of this group, their big fun and ability to motivate the people, helping to crowd surf and throwing balloons, that makes them live a great pleasure. What they already proved for example when supporting Crazy Town.