As heard sitting on Grandpa’s couch

Guido e Maurizio de Angelis aka Oliver Onions

Reunion Live Tour, Papp László Sportaréna Budapest, Hungary 20190216


Could there be anything better than going on holidays for a weekend to enjoy a concert and the beautiful weather and atmosphere of a city like Budapest? Probably not, what makes this event a very special one.

The overall famous ones

At the Aréna in Hungary’s capital two geniuses from Italy celebrate their get-together once more after two years they played the last time at the very place. Guido e Maurizio de Angelis are better known under their band name Oliver Onions. They got famous for many soundtracks they wrote for another Italian duo, Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. But also for series like Sandokan or different movies like Yor, there was nothing they didn’t succeed writing an unique tune in their style for it.

The shiny place few minutes by metro outside the city center works cashless since a year and the entry goes on quickly even though it is sold out in the end. A countdown of few minutes and a guy turning on the radio, before the show starts with “Pari e disparsi”. The work of the two consits of countless hits of which they play many but also rarities one wouldn’t necessarily expect. “Banana Joe”, “Santa Maria”, “Bulldozer” and “Flying Through The Air” must not be missing. But delicacies like “Piedone Lo Sbirro” (with awesome guitars played by Filippo Piva) just nearly can make one cry because of the beauty and nostalgia.

And the less known specialities

Other special highlights are “Sheriff”, “Fantasy” and the medley ending with “Crime Busters”. That sometimes the text is missing or not perfectly in time, doesn’t disturb this pleasure at all. Then Guido picks up the phone on stage and Kabir Bedi enters as the first guest star, and the audience applauses frenetically. As a doorbell rings, Terence Hill joins as second one. The legend who just presented his new movie “My Name Is Thomas” in September at the Cineplexx Wienerberg points out the importance of music in movies. Therefore he quotes that “Once Upon A Time In The West” got famous because of the music of Ennio Morricone.

While the guests watch from a couch on stage, the band goes to the final with “Watch Out, We’re Mad”. First the “Paganini” violin theme, followed by the “Lalala” sung by the Cinema Studio Choir and “Dune Buggy”, which was auctioned for a good cause.