Completely Different Yet In The Same Spirit

Curchpenny Allstars, The Vintage Cinema Club, Iron Snag Joe

Café Carina Wien, Austria 20190215


The Venster 99 was already host of a special valentine’s show back three years ago featuring a group from Salzburg and some guys under the pseudonym the Joes. That was the reason to gather together this combination again plus another surprising act at the Café Carina.

The Joes or more precise the Iron Snag Joe consists of a Scottish warrior, Alex from Clockwork Orange, and Ezra Furman in his dress. They start their Fun Punk show with a “The One”-like riff singing “Hello”! The songs then vary between topics like a woman named “Helene”, beer and addiction (“Die Sucht”) and covers. Therefore they play Grönemeyer’sMänner” but with “Punks”, “Sailormoon”, and because of given reason a Wizo tune. And if you wonder what they carry in a briefcase, they need it for a song about a ginger goblin. But you better go and see it yourself.

The group from Salzburg is The Vintage Cinema Club. They played the very place and at the Einbaumöbel the year before, released a record and a week ago they went to Innsbruck for an acoustic gig. Now they are back, presenting mostly songs from their debut. “Elements Of Spirit” singer Chris dedicates to an older lady in the audience, who seemingly therefore doesn’t stop smiling. “Transmission” and “Out Of Control” stay in mind too, as well as the newer “A Piano”, before they end their set with the album title track “Fashion”.

The last act of the evening Curchpenny Allstars wasn’t planned in the beginning and joined the billing just lately. But not only for the fans they arrive with, they are a concert highlight. Laid back and grooving Blues Rock is the third genre in this evening’s mixture as every band plays a different style. Wolfmother and Gary Clark Jr. are the godparents of this fabulous band. Songs like “Golden Flakes” or “Drink So Fast” from their debut “Pigeon Paradise” make it nearly impossible to remain standing still and so the joy of the guys playing transfers to the audience.