Neckbreaker – Little By Little


„Censored“ European Tour 2022 presented by Amber Tour Productions and Drakkar Entertainment, Escape Metalcorner Wien, Österreich 20220618

As the heat gets uncomfortable in the city, many try to escape. But some stay and even visit shows like Support The Underground with Gusch, the Gleichklangfest with Yunger and Greyshadow or Intra at Club 1019. And at the Metal bar and live club named Escape, a special guest turns out be a neckbreaker par excellence.

Hymns of praise from Metal Hammer and Rock Hard make curious, but within seconds, it is clear: Gwendydd earn every single word. Since they started out 2018 in Sofia, they put out two records. Their touring activities brought them to the far north in Oulu and Jyväskylä together with Dark Tranquillity and Ensiferum. Also they shared the stage with likes of Phil Campbell ATBS, Grave Digger and Mayhem at Wolf Fest. And in a video message, they invite to their show in Vienna.

As the support act was cancelled, the band makes its way through the audience early. After the album intro of „Censored“, „Awakening“, the hair of the four women at the front fly in circles at „Martyrdom“, while the drums on the back trigger the speedfreaks. They continue with the title track from the debutHuman Nature“.

It’s all up to you“ is a personal topic, as it took some experience to realize this, as singer Victoria tells. Within the band, they all dress in black, with a red scarf around their wrist. Unfortunately, not many guests found their way to the club and no pit opens up. Still the atmosphere is great, and songs like „This is a War“, „Rape“, „Виновен (Guilty)“ and „Suicide“ keep it up.

As the five-piece finishes, there is no doubt, that it was the best idea to come here this night. Gwendydd simply win over with their various Death Metal songs reminding of likes of Ektomorf and In Flames and their dedicated live appearance, all of it beautifully captured by Pix 666. And soon, bands like Evil Invaders and Misery Index will be in the summer program, while at the Viper Room, the 90s are on.