Origin (Album 2022)

Indus Valley Kings

Stoner Doom Metal

New York, the pulsating center of skyscraper valleys and the Desertfest. The city assembling iconic places like the Strawberry Fields, Dumbo Viewpoint and 96-98 St. Marks Place. Home to Geezer, Clouds Taste Satanic and Sonic Taboo. And to another band, which recorded its second album at Beneath The Sun Studio and all of it live, just like the debut.

The three members of Indus Valley Kings, Billy, Dan and Jonathan, might have something to do with the three figures on the colorful cover of „Origin“. It somehow implements the transformation of ancient mythology to the future, as two luminaries are up on the sky and UFOs arrive. The scenery reminds of „Blade Trinity“ and the colors of the Duel record artwork.

IVK are part of the worldwide phenomenon of Stoner Rock like Tremor Ama, Birds Of Nazca, Savanah or Red Sun Atacama. On their second release, they take no prisoners, but hit the speed pedal right away, starting the wild drive with „Clown“. It is a symbiosis of riffs, groove and melodies, shifting partly to Space Rock as well and making think of The Dust Bowl.

For the video of „…And The Dead Shall Rise“, found footage was edited together, showing black and white images of explosions, lava, coffins, cannibalism and creatures like „Nosferatu“. Combining those with walls of death and violent dancing, a connection to the scene is made. Electric Wizard uses pictures like those too, while the sound of the song is more Metal and in the chorus melodic again like Great Rift or Tokan.

Throughout the record, the band pulls out all the stops of Heavy Rock, adding clean guitars, doublebass, drum rolls and solos like from Classic pioneers Deep Purple or Black Sabbath. The Fuzz distortion is a main element that runs through all nine songs and 55 minutes. The dry heat of the desert can be felt as well as some monsoon rain coming do „Mohenjo Daro“, the settlement in Pakistan.

Punk details like from Mondo Generator and the Foo Fighters riff and several voices in „Sky King“ top off this delighted relaxing Stoner album, giving chills like Samsara Blues Experiment and bearing the speed at the same time.