Scars: The Return Of The Real

Harakiri for the sky, Draconian, Sojourner

The Sovereign Arsonists Tour MMXIX presented by District 19, ((szene)) Wien, Austria 20190130


Almost one year after their celebrated album release show of the forth record at the ((szene)) in Vienna and international achievements, a local formation returns to end their co-headlining tour.

As support, an international group from the house of Napalm Records open the evening. Sojourner can make one think of Insomnium: beautiful singing paired with brutal screams. Nice melodies and calm passages and driving headbanger parts. Here at this impressive presentation, everyone gets served with whatever direction one is into.

This combination of the beauty and the beast goes on with Draconian. They describe their style as Gothic Doom and Dark, Death Symphonic Doom would fit as well. You can even here wonderful Black Sabbath borrowings. It is the last show of the tour as singer Anders mentions, taking a sip of his big bottle of what looks like wine. For “A Scenery Of Loss”, they get Emilio of Sojourner on stage again, and the very last song is a new one performed by Heike solo named “Burial”, a contemplative final for a slow and heavy set.

Then their tour partners enter the stage. Harakiri for the sky is rooted in Salzburg places like the MARK or Bricks, but gained success throughout the borders with “Arson” released via AOP Records (Firtan, Anomalie and more). During their convincing gig, another guest performance happens, as a member of Draconian stands next to them to bang his head. Memorable song titles like “Funeral Dreams” and “The Graves We’ve Dug” go with catchy phrases like “I’m nothing” in “You Are The Scars” or “Fuck This Life” in “Calling The Rain” from “III: Trauma”. Harakiri for the sky really managed to position themselves as one of the best and most influencing Austrian Metal bands next to youngsters like Black Inhale and CroworD, formerly less known Instinct Hate and no.sar as well as the already veterans from Salzburg Belphegor.