Worthy Excursions

Parra For Cuva

Presented by fm4 Indiekiste, Das Werk Wien, Austria 20190206


Spittelau – the big station in northern Vienna is the node point between locations like the Local or the Unders on the one hand and, enclosed to the quiet sites of the Donaukanal, Das Werk and the Grelle Forelle. Places of Punk, Hip Hop and modern developments.

At first it might seam difficult to find, but the friendly neighbours show you your way to the entry of Das Werk. The fm4 Indiekiste which is responsible for concerts of e.g. KodalineThe Temper Trap or Tash Sultana, this night presents a sincere act from Berlin Germany. This musician would fit into the fm4 program Swound Sound like the blasting Purple Disco Machine.

Nicolas Demuth, born in the early nineties created himself the name Parra For Cuva. Mixed English and Spanish with the meaning “between the worlds”. This night he takes his audience between realities, outta space and back to earth again. “Hello Vienna, you can come in now”, he says as he starts his set. His sound is a beautiful chilling electronic mixture but with rooted sounds he adds too. Especially the varying beats get the perceptible young people dancing and cheering.

Das Werk turns out to be the perfect location for this night for the sound and the crowd, even though there are other comparable locations like the club Dual beyond the Wirr, where the Phat Jam e.g. takes place with acts like (formerly) Kendler featuring Treasureman. Also the fluc comes to ones mind, thinking of gigs like the one of MELA, as Vienna got itself similar artists like Urban Dendrite / Conan Paul.

But back to that night, the wonderful Parra for Cuva makes the time fly by and all of the sudden, after hours that felt like minutes, he plays even two encores. It ends with the beautiful “Paspatou”, the title track of his latest work he released just in the end of 2018. Melodies that feel like traveling, with vocals he adds live via his drum pad.