Big Live Hip Hop Cinema

Hilltop Hoods, Elsy Wameyo

UK / Europe Tour 2023 presented by Beat The Fish at Arena Wien – Große Halle, Austria 20230627

As the Foals enter the Gasometer with Cari Cari and Please Madame and the Not Afraid Festvial goes down at MetaStadt, the Arena hosts two events as well. One is the Kopfkino release show with Idä. The other celebrates Australian Hip Hop at its best. 

Run DMC made the Adidas Superstar huge and it is still present in here tonight, as first Calaida turns up the tunes, followed by Elsy Wameyo on the mic. A simple but effectful entry, and that energy will even raise throughout the show; a lot of emotions and fun. So the songs switch between Tash Sultana Singer-Songwriter and Missy Elliott Rap between Lizzo’s Pop appeal and GAS’ down-to-the-realness (who play at Celeste this week too). So the people keep joining this very successful first Vienna show of Elsy Wameyo who smiles bright from the stage. 

For Hilltop Hoods it is not the first time, but they give everything as well. Running from one side to another looks like a marathon to „Chase That Feeling“. Asking who haven’t seen them yet, they play the famous „Nosebleed Section“ to introduce themselves and their band with saxophone, trumpet, trombone, DJ, drummer and background singer. It goes „A Whole Days Night“ and gets emotional again with „Won’t Let You Down“. No one is looking for the „Exit Sign“ during this set, as it is very big cinema, including the light that fits the album covers. 

As the last melodies from the keys fade like from Slaine, Tarkka-a, Relit or Fettes Brot, fans might still miss maybe songs like „Roll On Up“. Still the party is even going upstairs and all ages are in for Hilltop Hoods. They will end their tour at Openair Frauenfeld, while Beat The Fish has the next big Hip Hop highlight just coming up next with the Wu-Tang Clan..