The Coke in Real

La Coka Nostra, DJ Rawkat

All In Together Now European Tour 2018 presented by 20 Years Of HipHop & Steelo, Flex Vienna, Austria 20180626


The Danube Canal flows quietly in Vienna’s inner city this evening, as it is time to visit the Flex. Because after Method Man & Redman, Grandmaster Flash and M.O.P., another Eastside Hip-Hop icon is gracing Austria with its presence.

It is nobody less than La Coka Nostra, the rap supergroup raging from Boston, Massachusetts. They started off after the end of legendary House Of Pain, who got immortal with their hit “Jump Around”. Danny Boy, Everlast who played the Nova Rock Festival in 2012 and DJ Lethal (also Limp Bizkit) were members of both groups. Right now only Danny Boy is left, next to him are Ill Bill and DJ Eclipse from Non Phixion and Slaine (Special Teamz). With a lot of prominent support like Leaf Dog from The Four Owls, La Coka Nostra released three studio records so far, featuring guests like Snoop Dogg (latest Austrian show at Frequency 2014), Sen Dog (Cypress Hill) and many more.

With an amazing history like that, the anticipation is huge. Due to the still nice weather, DJ Rawkat plays only in front of a fistful of people, even though his set consist of just the right calibre of beats, to get prepared for the main act of the night. And as the four guys enter, the arms and pulses are on top instantly. At one point, few fellows even start to mosh. Unusual for a Rap concert, but thinking of tunes like Ill Bill’s “Black Metal” it seems legit. Or of course the Coke hits like “Bang Bang” and “I’m An American” from the debut “A Brand You Can Trust” to “Waging War” of the latest “To Thine Own Self Be True”. Also they pay tribute to Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Guru from Gang Starr and Notorious B.I.G. The hands are flying high, Ill Bill shows the La Coka Nostra hand sign, and in the end it is just too bad, that the concert with a duration of about one hour is way too short.