Mongolian Ambassadors of Rock

The Hu, Fire From The Gods

The Gereg Tour presented by Barracuda Music, Flex Wien, Austria 20200128


The internet has got a whole lotta bad sides, but it also makes it possible to keep in touch despite big distances and to discover music from all over the globe. Like this you can follow e.g. Asesino from Mexico, Wormrot from Singapore or Last Year’s Tragedy from Kenya. And one internet hit from Mongolia now found its way to central Europe.

As support they brought their Rise Records / Eleven Seven brothers from Fire From The Gods with them. Others would be Black Peaks, Kvelertak or Sevendust, which have significant similarities with the band on stage. Because the grandparents of their sound are likes of Korn and P.O.D. The likeable band speaks out that music unites and Rock’n’Roll is not dead. Vocalist AJ Channer wears a backpatch saying “Rich Man’s War, Poor Man’s Blood”. Their energetic show understandably has fans who perfectly know how to sing with the lyrics. Unfortunately the sound like with Alien Ant Farm is again very weak in the back.

Luckily it is better after the pause for the main act. After songs of Slipknot and Disturbed amongst others, Motörhead is interrupted for the big sold out show. The Hu were spread over Metal forums and also gained attention in the mainstream media. Named after The Who, they attract a completely diverse audience. The secret lies within their music. Not only do they combine traditional Mongolian instruments like the Morin khuur, the flute and the jew’s harp like New UrengoY in their Rock sound. They also use vocal fry singing and with this exotic attempt vary from Folk to Country to Ambient to Metal style songs. Their set includes their whole debut “The Gereg”. They start with the driving “Shoog Shoog”. More highlights are “Song Of Women”, “Wolf Totem” which they play again as encore and the beautiful “ The Great Chinggis Khaan”. This awesome concert proofs that The Hu really deserves every success. Luckily they will return in Summer already, playing at the Nova Rock with their supports and the Foo Fighters, The Offspring, Dame, Jinjer, Seasick Steve, The Weight, Lagwagon and System Of A Down, whose music leads the happy fans out of the hall.