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Ill Niño – 15 Years of Revolution Tour w/ Ektomorf, Xtortya, Incite and Madlife

Does being angry make you feel happy

Ill Niño, Ektomorf, Xtortya, Incite, Madlife

15 Years Of Revolution Tour, Viper Room, Vienna, Austria 2017-04-05


Five bands within only around four hours, not much time for any breaks. Also no time for calming down, but who would actually want to, when one highlight is hunting the other.

It begins with the staggering riffs from Madlife. Rough beats, obsessed performance and the evil look from singer Angry Phill, well, his name tells it. Their furious start prepares for an upcoming celebrity: Richie Cavalera, stepson of Max Cavalera from Soulfly and former Sepultura frontman, hits the stage heavily with his men from Incite. Their version of Thrash or more Groove Metal is even more aggressive than what was heard before, a brutal pleasure.

After those hard rocking amigos it is time for some Nu Metal in the old Linkin Park manner, coming from Xtortya. Compared to Satanist references shown before (like the shirt from Cavalera showing a burning church, saying “Stay lit.”), they seem harmless. But they understand their craft, delivering an energized show and let the people jump. And they won’t stop during the following performance of the groove monsters from Ektomorf. Showing, why they are the most famous Metal act from Hungary, they don’t let the audience take any rest.

And so, after four amazing gigs already, the people are still hungry for more. For many, the Alternative Latin Nu Metal from Ill Niño is a memory of good old days. 15 Years of Revolution is the name of the tour, and this debut is definitely worth this anniversary. The audience celebrates the performance of the full album with endless moshing in the front and headbanging to the last row and gets rewarded with some classic encores, before this powerful evening gets to its end.