The Trio Infernale

Gospel Dating Service w/ Daponte

Champagne Tour, Chelsea, Vienna, Austria 2017-04-06


They created their very own style of modern popular music and now they went on tour with their debut album: Gospel Dating Service are on the run to promote their first long player called “Champagne”.

Logically one stop is in the capital of Austria, Vienna, their origin. They chose the glorious boards of the Chelsea, and as support the Indie Pop Rockers from Daponte. The quartet changes positions at the instruments and delivers a diversified set. Their enthusiasm seems never-ending, and as a special tribute they play a cover of “Johnny B Goode” from the recently deceased Rock’n’Roll legend Chuck Berry.

No question this show gets the audience moving. Standing until the back of the rear room, the dancing of the people goes on, as the Gospel Dating Service starts off with their first note. There are several things to mark out of their performance. First, their eagerness and fun can not be overviewed, especially when looking at the smile of drummer David Ruhmer, it is clear that they are totally into what they are doing. Second, their concept, not to have a guitar within their regular line-up works out really good.

The reason for that is the groove they build with just the bass played by David Resch, the keys and the running beat of the drums. Just for the track “Queen Mary’s Cemetery”, producer David Furrer plays the guitar. Apart from that, it is also fascinating to just listen to the voice of Christoph Ertl and his fluent crossing to the falsetto.

At the end, the audience is the choir for the fading out, and as the band plays their first single “Red”, even the last doubters have to admit, that this Indie Pop-Soul music is made to have a great time.