At the Sanctuary of Contemporary Indie

Jolphin, Fiesta Forever, Momo

Single Release Party presented by Rola Music, B72 Wien, Austria 20211002

What a lucky person you can count yourself sometimes living in Vienna is revealed, when the concert offers are simply too much. Like when on one Saturday night, you could attend The Fall I, visit Irdorath, The Special Bombs, or meet Far From Autumn together with The Soundheads and Discorrected.

Instead, our way takes us to a club not attended for a long time. At the B72, Rola Music invites to a pure Indie single release party. Yet before it starts, „Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band“ welcomes the numerous crowd. 

As special guest, Momo open the evening. The two Moritz startet the band just in June or July, and drummer Maze is with them since four practices, they claim. They go bluesy with an acoustic guitar in the beginning, getting heavy rocking too with a mouth harp. This young start up you can catch next time at Coco Bar with Old Mrs. Bates.

Second support is Fiesta Forever. They could have been seen at e.g. the Venster99 already. Their live performance is indescribably good, as they live their Strokes-meets-Raconteurs sound. With an illuminated advertising in the back, they celebrate their single „Volcano“ as well as tunes like „Paralyzed“. FF not only get their audience into the pit, but down on their knees as well, and singing them from the stage at the end. „Catchy shit“, as an excited visitor describes it. And soon to see at Kramladen.

The dancing shoes are on everyone’s feet now, as Jolphin are up to present their single „My Dear“. They could be labeled contemporary Indie. A new generation with roots in Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, The Hives or in deep parts Adam Green. No wonder the B just stays jam-packed for the whole duration, enjoying their other singles „Sugar Shock Treatment“ and „Talking Flies“ as well. Rola Music obviously found the right protagonists for an amazing Indie evening at its sanctuary.