Absent (Album 2021)

Tape Moon

Melodic Experimental Psych-Pop

October 2021 starts well, as there are new vibes floating threw the city. A talented young man invites to the fabulous Rhiz to his vinyl-release-birthday party, starting with a live-session together with Anna Keller on sax and Joachim Huber on bass.

This way, Michael Naphegyi introduces to his brand-new project Tape Moon. The drummer is in Teleport Collective and Rosi Spezial as well. For his solo record, he had a concrete plan as he told fm4. It’s about dry drums, trailing away vocals, pitched synthesizers and little details like Frank Zappa did. Always chasing the crack and mix catchy and beautiful melodies with experimental sounds.

The result is „Absent“, a greatly designed piece, mixed by Michael Schatzmann, mastered by Lorenz Häusle and with a layout by Carlo Zappella, matching the music videos in turquoise and light red. And as you turn it on, you can find the wonders that are content of this spinning wheel and step inside the Psychedelic world of Tape Moon.

That can be with a nearly classical feeling like in the first two tracks „Over There“ and „Trees“. Or it can get really groovy and a-changing like in the personal highlight „Red Bicycle“. This one brings up many very different references like Air and Kendler up to The Beatles. On the other hand, the title track seems like from a Bud Spencer movie or local artist Conan Paul.

For „Friend Hazelnut“, a video was created, that reminds of templates like „White Rabbit“ or „No Rain“. A chilled minimalistic tune with accented percussions and a R’n’B heart, thinking of Pale Male or even The Game. In all of this, a bit of Indie must not be missing. That comes „In the dream“ with a little taste of Adam Green

The final „Lost Cosmic Constructions“ ends in the mystic, going Doom first and with weirdly pitched singing, even bringing „Lord of the Weed“ to one’s mind. A dissonant and detailed closure to a big record with concept in the footsteps of likes of Mac Demarco.