It’s All About The Rhythm

Ismar Rivero Band, Plano Verano

SOS Cuba Charity Concert, Fanialive Wien, Austria 20211008

Right at the southern beginning of the Gürtel, the Fanialive is situated. Like other bars walking up north, it is populated by music enthusiasts, sharing thoughts on e.g. Jazz Metal acts like Bohren & der Club of Gore and Panzerballett or New UrengoY, who played here before. And inside it gets lively, with two bands playing before the open mic jam session for a good cause.

Searching for Plano Verano online, there was not much to find recently. Until now, as they created official accounts. They describe their music as Funky Reggae-Latin-Punk. A fitting expression for their danceable and fast combinations. Even though they can be quiet as well when singing only accompanied by the acoustic guitar. Their ability to enthuse the crowd, they proofed shortly before at the lake Neusiedl, home region of Sunhaze Reflection. With fill-ins of „Tequila“ and the use of an accordion, the six-piece appears like an even bigger big band with the strong show and energy in songs similar to Russkaja.

Initiator of the evening is Ismar Rivero, who performs with his band from Cuba, Venezuela and Austria. He explains, that the goal is, to collect money to get medicine and transport it to Cuba. With this motivation, the group plays an incredible show, presenting themselves as true musicians through and through. The rhythm is the most important part, as the audience dances happily, while the performers are smiling a lot as well. So the percussion is essential, as the special input of the cowbell or the Güiro at the end and the Tres. This brings up thoughts of Manu Chao and “El Mariachi“. Ismar tells that many songs are talking about food, maybe because in Cuba they don’t have much. So the night is under a serious topic, yet the joy of music can be felt all around.