Everyone knows the legend to celebrate

Koscher Youth, TINA, Bipolar Penguins, Oskar Haag, Bernhard Eder, Sir Tralala

Kurt Cobain Live Tribute at Coco Bar Wien & Roter Bogen presented by (Viennas First) 90ies Club & Retropartyvienna, Austria 20230405

It feels like the cold wind is creeping directly from the snowy Mount Rainer down to the troll underneath the Aurora bridge in Seattle, the last stop of Kurt Cobain. Since years, tribute shows are held like at The Loft in 2022 with bands like I’m A Sloth, Far From Autumn and In Delirium. For the 29th anniversary of his death, again six acts present their variations of his songs from Nirvana like Limp Bizkit the weekend before

More and more find their way to the ‚Unplugged in Vienna’-stage at Roter Bogen, where Sir Tralala opens the celebration. Active since years, he could be seen e.g. at the poolbar festival. For tonight, he lend the guitar of his child and interprets acoustic classics like „Jesus…“. Bernhard Eder (The Nonsleepers) who will soon share the stage with Cousines Like Shit follows. Together with Alex on drums and glockenspiel and Sarah on violin and backing vocals he gives a wonderful version of „Smells Like Teen Spirit“, the songs that made him want to have an electric guitar. 

For Oskar Haag, it takes ‚cool parents’ to introduce one to the music of Kurt Cobain. And so he tells how he heard „Nevermind“ on the road to Bregenz with his father and sings softly „Something In The Way“ and loudly „Territorial Pissings“. What leads us next door, to the Coco and the ‚Live & Loud‘-stage, where Bipolar Penguins dig deep starting with tracks form „Bleach“ and including rarities like ‚the cover of a cover‘ „D-7“. They do it in proper style, like some of the fans, who dressed up for the evening. 

TINA featuring Nicolas Fischer from Chants de Rats on (double-)bass brings in the big hits from „Lithium“, „Rape Me“ to „Stay Away“. The crowd is in the mood and moving, also for the last band Koscher Youth, consisting from Steffko and Manic Youth’s Moritz, who actually read from his book „Damals, als ich Kurt Cobain begegnete“ before as well. A highlight in their set is „Drain You“, but on an evening like this with a lot of specials, there are many.